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Can next-generation meters cause over-billing?

No. A new meter, be it electromechanical, radiofrequency, or next-generation, has no relation to changes on a customer’s bill.

All of our meters are approved by Measurement Canada. This independent organization imposes strict rules on companies to guarantee the precision of the measurement systems they use. Hydro-Québec is therefore required to install meters that respect these standards. The next-generation meters we install are therefore safe, reliable and read customers’ actual consumption.

Temperature variations or changes in consumption habits could affect electricity bills. Winter 2013-2014 was extremely cold, leading to increased consumption for the majority of our customers. This had an impact on our customers’ winter electricity bills or, for customers signed up for the Equalized Payments Plan, on the annual review of their monthly installments (between July and October).

When a meter is replaced, an actual consumption reading is taken. If a customer did not grant Hydro-Québec access to their meter for an extend period of time and did not fill in their meter-reading card, their billing is based on estimated consumption. It is therefore possible that a customer paid less than what was actually consumed, leading to an adjustment on a future electricity bill.

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