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How do Hydro-Québec’s customers benefit from the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)?

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The AMI technology offers practical advantages to customers:

• In the vast majority of cases, bills will be based on actual consumption rather than estimates, as sometimes happened with the old technology, when meters were hard to reach.

• Customers will no longer have to fill in meter-reading cards when they move.

• Meter readers will no longer have to enter customer premises, causing much less inconvenience, especially to customers with indoor meters. In Montréal, 70% of meters are indoors.

• With the advanced technology, Hydro-Québec will be informed automatically when a power outage occurs. We can thus determine the scope of the outage and restore service more quickly.

• Starting in 2015, customers will also be able to monitor their electricity consumption online and manage it wisely.

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