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I’m a condo owner or tenant and I don’t want Hydro-Québec to install a next-generation meter in my home. Can I opt out and oblige my neighbors to do so, as well?

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To opt out of a next-generation meter for your condo or apartment, you have to be the person responsible for the electricity account at that address. There is an installation charge for replacing a meter with a non-communicating meter and a monthly charge for manual meter reading.

If your neighbors have electricity accounts in their own names, the decision of whether to opt out is up to them.

The relations between co-owners or between tenants and landlords have nothing to do with Hydro-Québec. As the Régie de l’énergie [Québec energy board] concluded in its decision, “the conditions of service cannot govern the contractual relations between a landlord and tenants or between co-owners. The solution to this problem is to be found in private law, not the conditions of service.”

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