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Is it true that the Hydro-Québec installer will put in a new meter, even if I don't want one?

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Hydro-Québec won’t make you have a next-generation meter, as long as you follow the opting-out procedure.

Next-generation meters are now part of the basic service approved by the Régie de l’énergie [Québec energy board]. The Régie allows those who prefer not to have a next-generation meter to opt out at any time, which means having a non-communicating meter installed, requiring manual reading. That is the only alternative to a next-generation meter.

When Hydro-Québec is ready to replace the meters in an area, it sends a letter informing residents. If you opt out within 30 days of the date of the letter, Hydro-Québec will install a non-communicating meter, for an installation charge of $15. If you opt out after the 30 days, Hydro-Québec will install a non-communicating meter, but the installation charge will be $85.

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