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Can I opt out if my electricity is provided at 400 amperes?

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The Régie de l’énergie [Québec energy board] has ruled that only customers whose electricity is provided at single-phase 120/240 volts (200 A and less) and who are not billed for power demand may opt out. This option does not apply in the case of the next-generation meters that measure power demand. Also, in cases where power demand is billed, Hydro-Québec must read the meter on a monthly basis. The opt-out alternative only calls for three readings per year.

To offer opting out to customers where a next-generation meter measuring power demand has been installed, Hydro-Québec would have to have even more meter models and purchase minimum quantities of some models, in case some customers refused the next-generation meters. That is why Hydro-Québec is aiming for standardization in the case of meters that measure power demand, while at the same time complying with Measurement Canada certification regulations.

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