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Quick, easy, free replacement


Before installation

You’ll receive a letter announcing the free upcoming installation of a next-generation meter and information on how to opt out.

The day your meter is replaced

You’ll receive a notice and a pamphlet.

Brief power cut

The power will be cut briefly while the old meter is removed and the new one put in. Following this short service interruption, you’ll have to reset the time on your various appliances and electronics.

If you have equipment requiring uninterrupted power, like medical devices or computers, we suggest you check that your backup power supply is working before the installer comes to replace your meter.

Opting out

  • The Régie de l’énergie has approved a plan allowing customers to opt out of having a next generation meter installed. Customers may instead choose a non-communicating meter that must be read manually and for which there is a monthly charge.

  • If you would prefer a non-communicating meter, you can opt out. Just call Hydro-Québec as soon as possible at the number in the installation notice you received announcing the installation of new meters.

  • To be eligible for the $15 initial installation charge, customers must inform Hydro-Québec of their decision to opt out within 30 days, that is, before the date, indicated on the installation notice. After this date, the installation charge is $85 instead of $15.

  • A monthly meter-reading charge of $5 will apply.

  • Only the electricity account holder can opt out.

  • The opt-out alternative approved by the Régie de l’énergie does not apply to next-generation meters that measure demand (200 amps or more), as is often the case for large homes, plants, factories, industries, etc.).

Any time

  • You can opt out (certain costs and conditions apply).

  • If you opt out and later change your mind, you can have a next-generation meter installed free of charge.


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